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Just noticed there’s a bookshelf full of manga in my dorm.

There’s this one about golf that looks easy to read so I might check it out

Still haven’t unlocked Mr. Game and Watch, Bowser Jr, Jigglypuff, or the Duck Hunt Dog.

I really think this is the best Smash Bros yet. The Wii U version is sure to be even better since multiplayer will be easier.

Characters I didn’t like in Brawl are fun now, though that might just be a personal thing. (It’s not like their movesets are any different.)

I’m just glad that this time around the developers focused more on creating new characters over some single player mode that I’d only ever do once.

You guys are definitely going to love it.

I saw the first two famicom Fire Emblems are on the Japanese eshop….

Won my first match online as Pac-man.

It was laggy as fuck but maybe that was just my dorm’s wifi.

Super Smash Bros 3DS trivia

- Most of the Miis’ moves are based on those of other fighters. You’re basically deciding “Do I want to make this guy a Fox clone or a Samus clone? Or maybe a little of both?”

- Still, this is definitely the best use of the Miis that I’ve ever seen. They’re fun to play as

- The stat booster things you can mess with balance each other really well. There’s no way to make a character overpowered. Unlocking these seems to be the main incentive to playing “Field Smash”

- I don’t know why “Black” Pit can’t just be an alternate costume for regular Pit

- Field Smash plays a lot like Subspace Emissary, if you’re into that sort of thing (I’m not)

- There’s no story to speak of

- “Rosetta & Chiko” as well as the Villager kind of remind me of Olimar in that they’re really unique characters that take a lot of strategy to use effectively

- Lucina is without a doubt a Marth clone. They even look similar.

- It’s easy to inadvertently kill yourself with Little Mac but he’s really powerful

- Charizard’s final smash is a lot like Yoshi’s

- Pac-man’s Down-B is kind of cheap but really satisfying. It’s kind of similar to Kirby’s Down-B in power

What a great time to be in Japan

What a great time to be in Japan

Dawn of the Final Day



24 Hours Remain until Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS launches in Japan!

Alright Sakurai, you have 1 more day left to put in Mewtwo

So are there DLC characters or not

Have we figured this out yet


are hats and clothing merely mii “alt colors”? what a disappointment, are these the only hats as well. are you telling me that 1player mode drops a total of 7 hats. come on you cant fuck up this badly. this must not be the case

The Japanese says “customize examples”



I have the opportunity to buy Smash Bros the day it comes out.

All in all it would probably cost me around $300.


What do i do

Is that how much a new game costs in Japan? Dear sweet jegus

I have to buy a Japanese 3ds too or else I’d have no way to play it.



my friend in japan found a really cool book

japan is more knowledgable about our curse words than you or i ever suspected

Yeah im on genki chapter twelve almost starting genki 2 in a week. Its weird everyone seems to use genki

I saw some Mary-san x Takeshi-san rule 34 once